Our iDO assistants are available

iDO assistants

😃 We’re happy to announce that our iDO Assistants are finally live. These were designed to revolutionize your project management experience in Asana. 🤝 iDO and Astogi have joined forces to create this amazing set of assistants. For those of you who don’t know, Astogi is a well known party in the Asana developer community: they […]

I went to Greece with Asana in my pocket 😎

asana in my pocket

Here’s how I made my trip a success thanks to Asana 🏖️ Planning my trip 🗒️ When planning my holiday to Greece, I used a spreadsheet 📃 to keep track of my bookings, payments and lists. But I soon realised that I hadn’t planned everything 😱 Planning my trip with Asana 🧰 Asana allowed me […]

Asana Adoption Won’t Happen Overnight

asana full adoption

Asana adoption can be a challenging process, helping your employees to change their work habits will require effort, time, and support. To ensure a smooth transition, it’s important to recognize that it might take at least a year for a collaborative space to reach its full potential. Like any project, there will be ups and […]

The Impostor Syndrome? Not even scared

The Impostor Syndrome

🌟 Are we qualified enough to be an Asana Consultant and offer valuable process insights to our clients? Absolutely! 🌟 Our expertise is built on successfully assisting numerous companies worldwide. As passionate advocates of Asana, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of this innovative project management tool. However, we must admit that, at times, self-doubt […]