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Get the Most Out of Asana

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We Help You Get the Most Out of Asana

Whether you’re in the exploration phase, a beginner, or an experienced user.

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Gain clarity in your organization and leave behind Excel spreadsheets  for collaboration and teamwork!

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Complete Assistance 100% Focused on Asana

We help you implement Asana, optimize its use, and address any request related to the platform.

Our expert team is made up of former Asana clients, ensuring we understand your issues better than anyone else.

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THE OFFER | Asana Onboarding

Get started quickly & excel with Asana!

We offer various onboarding packages to help you begin efficiently and effectively with Asana.

THE OFFER | Asana Optimization

Get the most out of Asana and maximize adoption!

We offer various optimization packages to help you improve your usage, ensure adoption and gain efficiency on Asana.

Packages are sized according to:

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THE OFFER | Custom package

Get assistance with everything you need for Asana!

We offer hourly packages that can meet all your needs not covered by our Asana onboarding and Asana optimization packages.

You can therefore opt for this option if you’d like more follow-up or à la carte support.

Please note: Many of our customers take advantage of these hourly packages to have an expert available throughout the year for newcomer training requests, improvement workshops, one-to-one sessions for an employee or manager, sessions dedicated to new features, etc.

Our guidance approach

Our Guidance Approach

*Reserved for customers who have purchased their Asana licenses from iDO.

Learn to master Asana with your team for more effective work!