The Impostor Syndrome? Not even scared

The Impostor Syndrome

Are we qualified enough to be an #Asana Consultant and suggest process challenges to our customers? 🌟Yes! Definitely 🌟. Our expertise comes from helping many companies.

Do we feel like we’re not up to it? Sometimes.

Every customer is a challenge for us. Every company is unique and has its own way to do things. Sometimes, we feel we won’t have the expertise and won’t be up for the challenge.

However, this self-doubt that comes from the “impostor syndrome” is not stopping us, it never did. Not even when we were project managers before becoming consultants.

And our results speak for themselves, we’ve helped over 300 companies worldwide and we continue growing 🚀

Yes, every company is a challenge because of its uniqueness, not everyone uses Asana in the same way. However, many issues are common: project management, collaboration, …
Yet, our knowledge and expertise help these companies overcome their own challenges and helps them get the most out of the tool 💥

What about you ?

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