Currently growing, our company was quickly limited in the management of information between the different departments. The feeling of loss of control and stress led us to consider a more integrated technological solution than the ones we were used to using. Julien, Asana expert, with his professionalism and insight, reassured us by giving us a very structured training. His expertise was a decisive criterion in the choice of our support for change. Our need for clarity and openness was thus met and, now, Asana is an integral part of our interactions. We are very grateful for his help and his great availability. Thanks again.
Denis Delbois
COO @ Savonnerie des Diligences
What a pleasure to work with Julien! I discussed with him the Asana issues that we have in our company, obtained solutions and was able to experiment with Asana projects with him. Thanks to Julien, today we have a real Asana on board for all our employees as well as a clear structure of objectives for each. I recommend 100%!
iDO client Arthur Capon
Arthur Capon
CEO @ La Cuisine de Véro
As an Asana beginner, I needed a boost to quickly gain skills. It's done thanks to Julien! I invite you to follow his webinars, and call on him as soon as you get started with Asana.
Colette Schenker
We appreciated the training given by Bastien who was able to integrate all the elements and questions raised during the audit. It was a training course on the way Asana works which met our expectations and allowed to explain certain tools and best practices. After a few weeks of use, we are already seeing a significant impact on case management. Asana really makes collaboration easier between our different teams and allows much closer monitoring of all projects and their progress.
Aurélie Pradal
@ Ville de Chambly
Just wanted to again say thank you & congrats for making such a big impact on our team through your guidance & expertise. Asana has been literally lifechanging for us. My vision to have a 100% remote team in time zones from all over the globe working seamlessly & efficiently is finally happening. I believe we're in the last home stretch to have the entire team, including our clients, working inside our Asana.
Kris Sugatan
CEO @ Sugatan
Bastien truly helped our organization. I spent over a month looking for someone to help and I kept coming back to Bastien’s expertise. He not only advised us, he motivated our company to create our processes we can be proud of. Our workflow has been improved and it even boosted the morale of our staff with more productive boards and tasks.
iDO client Tobi
Tobi Santagado
COO @ Ivy Shcolars
I always tell my own clients "you don't know what you don't know" and working with you was a perfect example of that! I booked the session thinking I just had a few questions and ended up discovering so many different features that I didn't even realize existed! While our system was well-organized before, it took a lot of behind-the-scenes manpower to keep it going. Now that you helped me set up dependencies and reports, my team saves 5-7+ man-hours per week while providing even better service to my clients. Our session paid for itself by the second week and has really saved me a lot of money from a staffing perspective - not to mention the value of providing better service and what that does for my bottom line in the long run. I would highly recommend your services to anyone working in Asana, whether they think they need them or not!
Colleen Paparella Ganjian
DC College Counseling
We were very happy working with you. You got us up and running in only 3 hours! Greatly appreciated. I can see how our life is about to get easier.
Chris Shreenan-Dyck
Sundown Sessions
Bastien was super helpful putting together a better way for our team to use Asana to get stuff done at our agency. Highly recommended.
Brice Gump
Founder @ Major Impact Media
Bastien was very knowledgable about Asana and how to use it in a team/organization setting.
Christopher Porter
Bastien, your incredible posts convince me on a daily basis that you understand Asana and its potential (and pitfalls) better than anyone. Thanks for all the time and headaches you save us all on a daily basis.
Stephanie Oberg
We thought that we were using Asana correctly until we had a meeting with Bastien. He is incredibly knowledgeable and his expertise with Asana is going to enable my team to work more efficiently, reduce unnecessary noise, and communicate internally and with our clients more effectively. He saved us time and money by working with my team to implement best practices, review our current setup, and provide valuable tips and tricks. If you are using Asana, this is the best money you can spend!
Mo Parikh
CEO @ Bandwango
I took on the responsibility of maximizing Asana for our team, and Bastien was instrumental in helping me understand the best way to do so. Asana has so many amazing features that figuring out the best way to implement them all was daunting. I wanted to be sure we set up our systems right from the start, and Bastien helped us do so. I look forward to working with him again as we continue to tweak Asana to grow with our team and maximize our communication and productivity!
Misty Molloy
Brand Partnership Director @ Zquared
I'm glad I could find Bastien, a real Asana expert, professional and skilled.
Aviad Ben Ezra
CEA @ Beauty Express
Bastien was a speaker at our conference Innov4Change and introduced us to Asana. He was able to go straight to the point with a very clear speech and great teaching skills. I would like to thank him because he was able to adapt his presentation to the target audience. He is a true Asana expert but also someone who knows how to share is experience and passion for Asana.
Guillaume Soto
We invited Bastien to meet with our technology team shortly after implementing Asana in our organization. The meeting was delightful and full of helpful tips that inspired immediate changes. The team came away feeling motivated, educated and empowered to take our Asana use to the next level. We will be thrilled to work with Bastien and his team in the future.
Doug Baden
VP of IT @ Wurth Industry
Bastien was quick to pick up on my Asana pain points and identify adjustments I could make that day for immediate results. I left the meeting with greater understanding of the system and how to use it specifically for my business.
Katie Heiselberg
Founder @ Katie Kismet
I tend to be pretty active on the Asana Community Forum and had consistently noticed Bastien’s engagement. I immediately found his insight to be incredibly valuable and signed up for his emails/checked out his website. I implemented some of his tips and products - like how to organize my tasks and his templates - but knew there was an even greater degree of opportunity with Asana that I wasn’t capitalizing on. I reached out for a consulting session and am SO thankful I did. Bastien’s knowledge and expertise is unrivaled. Instantaneously he picked up on opportunities for improvement within our system, from small things like being more intentional with our use of color to larger things like project organization. He took the time to review our original set up and then based off of that worked with me to come up with a system that would satisfy all of our very specific needs. We are a small team of two with a national reach and 100+ partners that we work with annually over a 3 month window, and while we have scraped by in the past, I know we are now set up to achieve an even greater level of success and be able to take on even more partners – which for us means even more kids’ lives being impacted for good. To anyone thinking about utilizing Bastien’s consulting services, just know that the sooner you just go ahead and do it, the sooner you will start being more efficient and effective with your work. So worth it!
Chandler Ferguson
Operations Manager @ Coaching for Literacy
Bastien was generous with his time and knowledgeable about the in’s and out’s of Asana. He quickly identified a few different root cause issues and provided action items for our next steps. Further, he provided potential solutions that we hadn’t considered. It showcased both his deep knowledge of the platform, as well as his ability to discover our desired outcomes in a short amount of time. We will absolutely be reaching back out to Bastien for additional help and support as our organization continues to grow.
iDO client David Hidinger
David Hidinger
Operations Manager @ MarketScale
Bastien brought an expert perspective and out-of-the-box thinking that we desperately needed for wrangling our long and complex projects. He was clear in describing not only what we could change, but also why we should change it. In just one hour he was able to transform our outlook on Asana's potential and our project management approach in general. A terrific value.
John Black
Principal @ Verdance
Bastien was excellent to work with. He made me feel at ease working with Asana as a newbie. His clear directions and helpful hints allowed me to understand quickly some of the basics in Asana to get me started. I look forward to working with him again!
Kathy Waite
Directeur des opérations @ Savonnerie des Diligences
Beyond his posts, tips and tricks, Bastien is a real Asana pro with a very clear vision. I reached out to him this week to help me build out a board view to manage my clients and products for my company. Our discussion allowed me to better guide my team and refocus my vision on collaborators. Following our discussion, we talked with the team and applied many of his tips. Everyone feels comfortable with the new board we created, allowing us real efficiency as a full-remote team. I really encourage you to reach out to him for help to bring structure and flow to the management of your Asana projects.
Marie-Laure Cambus
Projet Manager @ Produits-recycles.fr
Bastien prepared the meeting thoroughly by reviewing the draft of our Asana conventions and different materials. During the consultation, he shared with us very valuable advice to use Asana the most effective way.
Ignacio Arsuaga
Directeur des opérations @ Savonnerie des Diligences
I have used Asana for years. I did not realize how wrongly I was using it!
@ Windmill Microlending
Bastien is a competent, calm presence as a consultant. He understands the basis and technique of digital project management, and is an open and honest peer.
Chris Hagan
CTO @ Campus
Bastien was great! We want to use Asana but were overwhelmed on how best to implement and he was so willing to teach us and show us ways to be efficient. He really tries to understand the main goal of your company and then offers feedback for the long term. Will for sure keep using him to help our team! Thanks Bastien!
Alec Avedissian
CEO @ Rareform
Although I have been using Asana a while, I wasn't sure if our processes were as "tight" as they could be, and they certainly relied on too much manual effort to ensure consistency. In just one hour's session, Bastien understood our current state and was able to make great suggestions on how to streamline it using both native Asana functionality and that from third party products. It's also great that he allows recording of the session with him, so I wasn't distracted by taking notes.
iDO client Betsy Walker
Betsy Walker
VP @ Appfire
Best $$$ I’ve spent on my business! I set up an automation based on your ‘empty project’ idea that will save me so much time and nuisance. I also created a ‘task factory’ and implemented several new emoji labels and sections that make my Asana not only more functional, but more FUN. So I guess you could say you put the fun in functional, haha. Sorry for my bad pun. Thank you again for your time today!
Kim Caloca
Chief Creator
After following Bastien's involvement and comments in the Asana Community Forum, I decided to book a consultation to help me expedite the learning process. In just one hour, Bastien helped me not only understand the basics of why I should be using project templates but helped me create my first template so it was completely set up and ready to utilize exactly how I wanted based on my org's needs.
Caroline Ritenour
CEO @ YoFreshFood
Bastien is great to work with so far. His direction and guidance is clear and concise. I am excited to continue to work with him.
Lauren Donkersgoed
Project Administrator @ UTS Consultants
Thanks to Bastien's expertise, we can now automatically keep our portfolios up to date. If a new project is created in a certain team in Asana, this project is automatically added to a specific portfolio that we use for our weekly team meetings. This way we save time because we don't have to do it manually anymore or we just forget about it 🙂
Denis Delbois
Directeur des opérations @ Savonnerie des Diligences
After following Bastien's involvement and comments in the Asana Community Forum, I decided to book a consultation to help me expedite the learning process. In just one hour, Bastien helped me not only understand the basics of why I should be using project templates but helped me create my first template so it was completely set up and ready to utilize exactly how I wanted based on my org's needs.
Lucy Minto
@ Kitt
We both found the session informative with some really helpful shortcuts and a good plan for our buiness task structure. Thanks.
Clifton Vaughan
Director @ Natural Baby Shower
The session was wonderful and super helpful We're still working to implement the tweaks and changes you suggested but I'm already starting to feel more in control and less overwhelmed. Bastien, thank you for your help. I'm sure we'll be coming back to you for more help as our team and business continues to grow! 🙂 Heather Stephens, Wise Owl Marketing - Asana client
Heather Stephens
Wise Owl Marketing
It's not even been 24 hours since our session, and I've already implemented a couple of things. The results speak for themselves - we're already running more efficiently and it's getting more organised, and I've had positive feedback from the team! I should have booked this session sooner!
Simon S
CEO @ Keep Your Care Safe
A big thank you to iDO for their help in integrating Asana at Telomere. Thanks to Julien we are getting the most out of this great tool.
Dominique DE RIAZ
CEO @ Telomere Capital
Bastien is incredible, my team and I thoroughly enjoyed our Asana session and we've walked away with a lot of knowledge that will help improve our workflows and make us more productive. Thanks for your patience and guidance!
Jen Szabo
People Operations Coordinator
Thank you for sharing your knowledge about how to use Asana efficiently! I was able to improve my workflow and keep a better overview of my tasks right away!
Beatrice Holst
@ Blockchain startup
Bastien is very kind and decisive. He solved something that for me was a headache, and turn it into a simple but very helpful automation on Asana tool. It was very active and he did it very quickly! Definitely I highly recommend work with him.
Laura Coll Álvarez
We got so much value out of those initial training sessions! The team have been off reconfiguring and road testing their new skill sets. We have de-commissioned several google sheets as result and set up some automated workflows and integrations.
Suzy Watson
co-founder @ Practera
I would highly recommend working with iDO (Bastien is the founder). Their team has a unique ability to create a framework that allows your team to harness the full power of asana to increase efficiency and collaboration in your organization.
Brennon Mobley
founder @ Three One Three
The first two sessions with Bastien have been enlightening. I love that I mostly get to live in My Tasks and Inbox. Instead of feeling like chaos and anxiety, my Asana world is started to feel approachable. I know there's still a ton of opportunity to optimize the system and provide team training. Looking forward to it.
Michela Fossati-Bellani
Sr. Director of Marketing @ Strata Identity
Bastien has been an incredible resource and his deep understanding of the Asana platform and organizational structures and are unparalleled. He has been instrumental in providing guidance and consult with transitioning the company from an ad-hoc workflow into a streamlined, efficient structure within Asana. I cannot recommend his services enough.
Ben Crane
Director of Design and Merchandising à Melmarc
I presented Bastien with a unique out-of-the-box request related to my measuring my team's bandwidth. He couldn't have been more helpful in building us a custom solution that we've found to be a huge time saver.
Michael Manning
Director of Production @ Trumpet Advertising
Thanks to Bastien and his innovative tool on recurring tasks, we can now more efficiently create our marketing plan in Asana. Also many other tasks can now be created super fast and easy. Thanks to a few small cheap adjustments in the tool. Many thanks again for that!
Sabine Truch
Manager Webshop @ Vertbaudet
I learned more in this sixty-minute session with Bastien than I have over the many hours I've spent taking other Tutorial sessions and trolling YouTube! - thank you.
Linda Nelson
To Plan Ahead, LLC
This one hour session helped me to shake my PTSD of past (and poor) team use of Asana at other companies to a position of confidence and ownership of the tool... thank you, Bastien!
iDO client Mark Callahan
Senior Director of Product Marketing at Strata Identity
What Bastien taught us has been a great help. His instruction was clear and thorough. My team and I began using the techniques he taught us immediately after the session. My Asana inbox is frequently overwhelmed however, thanks to the session with Bastien I have been able to organize and manage things in Asana much better and my productivity has benefited. I have since recommended him to upper level management and we've already booked that session. We absolutely plan on utilizing his services again.
Senior Executive Assistant
Bastian is incredible knowledgable and passionate about Asana. He gave excellent tips and made the training personally valuable. Thank you!
L&D Manager
Thank you for coming and sharing all of your knowledge about the platform! I can tell already that our team is a lot more productive with all of the little tips and tricks you had shown us!
Michaela CLL
As always an incredible help to improve our company workflow
Michael Weicker
COO @ Ask My Management
Thank you for the helpful and effective session, and for your ever calm and friendly demeanor!
Head Of DesignHead @ Kitt Offices
The meeting with Bastien was a calm and helpful reminder about how Asana works and it’s powerful features. Tips, knowledge, and hearing the things he’s seen other companies do made the one hour fly by - it was information, education and inspiration and we left with valuable insights into how we could move forward and help our team collaborate more successfully.
Karin McGrath Dunn
President & owner @ PRD Management
Thank you for sharing some great foundations and key to success. With this we have some great ground rules to help us gain full advantage of Asana
Chris at Chainlink
The advanced training we received was fun, useful, and productive at the same time! Very interesting, thanks a lot
Arnaud L.
Bastien was very helpful by assisting us in sorting through the complexities of Asana and how to best utilize the functionality for our use case. He was knowledgeable, approachable, and eager to help! We highly recommend his services!
Laurie Michaels
Campaign Manager at Brown Bag Marketing
Although there is much out there on Asana nothing quite beats learning from an expert. I think this applies even more so if you've been using Asana for some years. As a seasoned user of Asana in his own business, Bastien understands practical use issues and his tips and tricks I don't think can readily be found elsewhere. Where it wasn't possible to do certain things I asked about in Asana, Bastien quickly suggested workarounds for me to choose the most appropriate for my needs. He quickly grasped how I was using Asana projects and made suggestions which hadn't occurred to me which I'm sure will provide a better way of working including accurately tracking multiple documents going through various stages of development as well as providing a better overview of the status of different aspects of my transactions at any one time. It was well worth investing in this. Thank you.
David Pollacchi. Solicitor. Commercial Contract Advisers (London) Limited
A large part of my role is overseeing the best practice usage and overall hygiene of Asana (which is the life blood of our organization). I can honestly say that the Pulse Bot has been invaluable in assisting me with that. It provides clear, direct and useful data that not only helps me to stay on top of everything but it also helps to identify areas where the team can be better supported in order to do their best work. It provides high impact to the business with very low effort to oversee and administer. Now that we have it, there is no going back!
Nicole Benoit. Senior Consultant at NBPG Consulting
Thank you for taking time to help me expand my Asana knowledge base! Your insights into how Asana works allowed me to improve my first workflow!
Shawna. Project Manager at Amazon
It was my first time joining this type of webinar and, found it useful and informative. I prefer the "sharing experience" approach over reading in-depth manuals 🙂

Thio Thiahulan at Mendix

I'm completely satisfied. The Webinar was well prepared and presented. It was nice to know that I am using some of the tool efficiently and to see how you use them.
Haver Markham at LGC Clinical Diagnostics.

Really good session, nice vibe, really clear and friendly!

Jon Cunningham at FlowFlows

Your tools have saved me so many times! This one in particular. We had a period there when everyone was tag crazy to the point they became meaningless. Your tool helped us get it under control.
Emily Gonzales at The Collective Consultancy
Thanks so much for being flexible. That training session was immensely helpful for all of us.
Cory Davis. Editor & Production Manager at Dunvagen Music

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