Become an iDO partner

Multiply the value of your Asana licenses

By working with us for your Asana licenses, you become an iDO partner and can benefit from:

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Your Asana licenses are the same whether they come from Asana or iDO, but we at iDO multiply its value. We offer additional benefits, allowing you to get the most from the licenses.

Also, you get a close relationship with an expert partner that knows your business and your team.

your licenses via iDO
Proximity support
with the best Asana experts in the world
Access to our eBooks
written by community experts
Access to our SOPs
(on subtasks, milestones, templates, ADHD...)
Free consulting sessions
(depending on seat count and plan)
Free office hours
Priviledged access to iDO's innovations and content
Possible payment with a credit card, a wire transfer or PayPal
$550/month, equ. $6594/year
Current cost: $27/month, equ. $324/year

Understand everything about Asana licenses through iDO

To become an iDO partner as a new Asana customer, you need to purchase at least 5 licenses and pay yearly upfront.

To become an iDO partner as an existing Asana customer, you can either
  • upgrade to a higher plan
  • or order new licenses
  • or move from monthly billing to yearly billing

iDO applies the same pricing as Asana. Discounts are possible, on volume purchase for example, contact us to know more.

For our international clients, credit card payment with Stripe will be preferred. A wire transfer to our French account, or Paypal, could also be arranged on demand.

iDO applies the same tiers Asana has on licenses, which are 5-10-15-20-25-30-40-50… We are not allowed to provide less than 5 licenses per customer.

iDO creates an invoice for the yearly subscription, you pay the invoice, iDO orders the licences to Asana, they activate them within 48h. iDO becomes your direct contact for any Asana related topic!

If you were already an Asana customer, Asana will refund you the remaining amount of your subscription and your contract will have a new renewal date.

You can ask any question related to the basics of Asana: how to disable notifications, how to create a project, how to add a project to a portfolio…

However iDO level-1 support does not cover questions related to your own use of Asana like creating a custom made workflow, improving an existing process, onboarding employees… Those are for custom training or consulting sessions.

Those Q&A sessions will allow you to ask any question on Asana to get the most out of the solution. Those sessions are shared with our other partners and their employees.

Depending on your Asana plan and seat count, you are entitled to free private sessions every year. Use our simulator or ask us to learn more.

On the renewal date of your contract, you’ll have the ability to deal with Asana directly rather than working with a partner.