Asana Adoption Won’t Happen Overnight

asana full adoption

Asana adoption can be a challenging process, helping your employees to change their work habits will require effort, time, and support.

To ensure a smooth transition, it’s important to recognize that it might take at least a year for a collaborative space to reach its full potential. Like any project, there will be ups and downs along the way.

Stay connected to your vision, take a deep breath, tell yourself that a change is never simple – but it is worthwhile – and keep on going!!!

Monitor the implementation of Asana closely, just as you would watch a pot of milk boiling.

While most colleagues may follow company guidelines, the battle isn’t won yet. Pressure release can lead to the resurgence of old habits.

Keep your teams energized, maintain open communication, and celebrate every milestone achieved!

Establishing a Training Program and Finding Ambassadors

In larger companies, word-of-mouth can have a significant impact, motivating employees to create Asana accounts for their teams. Engaging in multi-disciplinary projects can also help reach more people.

Training and support are essential components of the adoption process. Utilizing ambassadors can be helpful, but consider creating a dedicated “Training” team within Asana.

This team can create practice projects with step-by-step tasks to familiarize users with the tool.

While some collaborators may show remarkable motivation, many will need encouragement.

Address misconceptions like “Asana doesn’t let me…” and encourage individuals to explore the tool and use the help function.

Feel free to contact us to get advices or goodies.

The Asana Admin Compass: Guiding Successful Implementation

Over the years, we’ve encountered various situations, and we’ve learned that hiring a consultant to set up Asana perfectly is insufficient without continued oversight.

The role of an Asana Admin is critical for training users, onboarding new hires, monitoring usage, supporting overwhelmed employees, and ensuring continual improvements.

To help you excel in this role, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of tasks known as The Asana Admin Compass.

We offer a roster of trained Asana admins ready to work with your company, ensuring that your employees can focus on their best work without hindrance from the tools.

Our trained admins receive regular check-ins to stay updated on the latest Asana features, best practices, and ideas we develop. They are equipped with the full version of the Admin Compass, containing over 30 control points tailored to your company’s needs. They are available part-time or full-time, remotely or onsite.

Make Asana Adoption More Fun

At our company, we believe that a positive atmosphere is essential for productive work, and that includes the tools we use. Inject some fun into your Asana adoption experience!

Start by encouraging everyone to add their best profile picture. A friendly face is much better than a generic grey circle. Let us help you create beautiful profile pictures.

Emojis are a valuable part of communication, even in a professional setting. Embrace them in Asana by using ‘Ctrl/Cmd/Space’ on Mac or ‘Windows/+/./’ on Windows to reveal the emoji keyboard. Emojis can make tasks, projects, teams, and custom fields easier to understand and work with.

Colors are another way to enhance your Asana experience. Use them to distinguish projects, tags, and custom fields. Create a coherent color system, such as one color per client, project, or priority.

Bonus tip: Assign icons to projects for easy identification on the home page.

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