I went to Greece with Asana in my pocket 😎

asana in my pocket

Here’s how I made my trip a success thanks to Asana 🏖️

Planning my trip 🗒️

When planning my holiday to Greece, I used a spreadsheet 📃 to keep track of my bookings, payments and lists. But I soon realised that I hadn’t planned everything 😱

Planning my trip with Asana 🧰

Asana allowed me to organise everything in one place. I created a “Cyclades 🏝️” project with a section for each day of my trip. I also created tasks for each hotel, tour and restaurant booking….

Managing my tickets 🎫

Asana was also a great tool for managing my tickets. I stored all the information and tickets in each task, which made it easy to find them along the way.

Keeping track of my budget 💰

Via Asana’s dashboard function, I did automatic budget tracking 📊. As I wrote down my expenses, Asana calculated my budget in real time.

Comfort and pleasure 🎉

Thanks to Asana, I was able to enjoy my holiday stress-free. I had access to all the information I needed in one place. Asana allowed me to focus on the essentials: enjoying my trip.

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