🔥 Emojis: The Game Changer Plug-in

Game Changer Plug-in

Do you find yourself using emojis daily to express emotions, add flair to your messages, or enhance your communication? If so, get ready for a game-changer plug-in! In this article, we’ll introduce you to a fantastic plug-in that has the potential to revolutionize your emoji experience. The Power of Clavier+ Meet Clavier+—a versatile and free Windows […]

Filters in Calendar view

calendar view

Multiple filters in Calendar View is now available, check all the new functionalities! It allows you to use this view while benefiting from complex filtering (as in other project views). You can filter your tasks according to several criteria simultaneously, just like in other project views. If you’re already using the Calendar view, this feature […]

The Pitfall of Overusing Subtasks in Asana

overusing subtasks thumbnail

In my consultations on Asana, I frequently come across a recurring issue that affects productivity and organization like overusing subtasks in Asana. Many users, particularly in real estate companies like Sunshine Real Estate, manage multiple properties using Asana. They often create a board view with all the properties, each represented by a card containing numerous […]

The Content Factory in Asana

content factory thumbnail

Efficiently managing content creation is essential for companies looking to maintain an organized workflow. At iDO, we have developed a solution called the Content Factory in Asana. This system comprises a series of projects designed to help coordinate the content creation process from initial ideas to finalized content. In this article, we will explore the […]

Unlocking the Power of Multi-Homing in Asana

multi-homing in Asana

Today, we’re going to dive into the fascinating world of multi-homing in Asana. Multi-homing refers to the ability to assign a single task to multiple projects simultaneously. In this article, we’ll explore how this feature works, discuss its benefits, and address some potential challenges. So, let’s get started! The Power of Multi-Homing: Imagine you’re an […]

Optimize Your Asana Workflow by Mastering “My Tasks”

optmize your asana workflow

Mastering the My Tasks feature in Asana is crucial to optimize your Asana workflow. In this article, we will delve into the significance of My Tasks and explore recent updates that have improved its functionality.  Understanding the My Tasks Update Previously, the My Tasks view in Asana had predefined sections like “recently assigned,” “today,” “upcoming,” […]

Three Ways to use Custom Fields in Asana

ways to use custom fields

Asana is a powerful tool for project and task management, and we want to talk about the importance of using custom fields in Asana. Custom fields allow you to add specific information to tasks and projects, which can help you better manage your workload and ensure that you’re work stays clean and organized. Here we […]

Take Time to Concentrate and Focus

Give yourself time to focus

Take time to concentrate, your time is an invaluable asset, and dedicating focused attention to tasks is crucial for productivity. However, the constant barrage of notifications from various tools and devices can steal away this precious time. To regain control and maximize efficiency, mastering notification management is key. Here are three essential tips to help […]

An Asana Project Where Ideas Go Die

asana project

Who did not create a project in Asana where ideas go die? Asana, a powerful project management tool primarily designed for professional use, has found a surprising and innovative role in people’s personal lives. And that’s because Asana is not exclusively for professional use, even though that’s what it was designed for in the first […]