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In the realm of productivity, a powerful tool is emerging – work management technology.

From individual efficiency to overseeing an entire company’s progress towards its yearly objectives, work management technology is revolutionizing the way we work.

Asana, a leading solution in this category, has positioned itself as the frontrunner.

Navigating with Work Management Technology

As a co-founder of iDO, a company dedicated to maximizing Asana’s potential for businesses.

I often encourage leaders to view work management technology as a navigational map for their organization.

This map empowers leaders to efficiently pinpoint the most critical projects within their company.

Transparency and Accountability

However, not everyone has access to all areas of this map.

Permission settings ensure that leaders can decide who gets to see what.

Allowing sensitive data to be shared on a need-to-know basis while maintaining transparency and visibility in other aspects of the business.

This newfound transparency greatly benefits workers, as they can now showcase their invaluable contributions within the company.

Their vital role can no longer remain unseen or underappreciated.

Additionally, this transparency revolutionizes their relationship with management, putting an end to constantly changing priorities and overwhelming task assignments.

Empowering Employees and Enhancing Managerial Insights

Employees are now empowered to act autonomously and focus on achieving meaningful goals rather than appearing busy.

They can discuss with managers to determine the highest priority tasks based on their existing workload.

Managers also reap the benefits of work management tools through API access.

Enabling them to gather valuable insights on team performance, identify top performers, promote best practices, and optimize work processes.

Balancing Data with Context

However, it’s crucial to note that while data can provide valuable insights, it may not always tell the whole truth.

Unforeseen challenges and variations in productivity are part of the daily workflow.

A task’s completion on time depends on the proper collaboration and definition of the task itself.

And not just the metadata (such as completion time and who completed it).

Avoiding Misuse and Flawed Metrics

Misusing work management technology could lead to flawed metrics for evaluating employee performance.

For instance, solely focusing on the number of tasks completed, disregarding the importance and complexity of tasks.

An employee like Sally may complete numerous tasks, but if those tasks are below her expertise level and should have been delegated to others, the metric becomes misleading.

On the other hand, an employee like Michael may complete fewer tasks but with a significant impact on the company’s mission and goals.

Maximizing Work Management Technology

To ensure your company maximizes the potential of work management technology, engage in discussions about productivity and efficiency.

Emphasizing the value brought by tasks rather than just quantity.

Educate employees about best practices and proper tool utilization, including how to define tasks, seek assistance, and delegate effectively.

Diversify sources for reporting, looking beyond API data and exploring projects and tasks in conversations with teams to gain comprehensive insights into project success and areas for improvement.


While work management tools undoubtedly offer numerous benefits, their success hinges on promoting best practices.

Nurturing a culture of mindful productivity, and seeking the right expertise for implementation.


A version of this story appeared on the Asana Community forum in 2022. It has been lightly edited here.


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