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asana automations built

As an Asana user, I have a superpower: I know how to code and use the Asana API to (virtually) make Asana do anything 🙂 we use that power for our clients and ourselves daily! That’s how we created these Asana automations.

Now, we’re thrilled to share a curated list of these ingenious Asana automations, each given a cool and creative name, to inspire you on your automation journey.

Whether you’re looking to build your own custom solutions or seeking expert assistance, these Asana automations are bound to ignite your productivity and efficiency.

📏 With Rules and Templates in Asana

💧 The Invoice Raindown:

In our Asana workflow, we’ve revolutionized task management by creating one task per client, seamlessly housing their vital information, including name, country, language, and address.

Thanks to our automation, this information cascades down (like a refreshing rain) to relevant subtasks, such as quotes and invoices, streamlining our project organization.

🔥 The Priority Wizard:

Elevating project efficiency, we’ve implemented a custom field “Priority” with a single value “High” to emphasize crucial tasks.

Our wizardry automation adds a fiery emoji to task names with this priority, offering an instant visual cue of its significance from the My Tasks view.

🦄 The iDO Animals:

Embracing a touch of whimsy, we’ve associated an animal symbol with each client, based on their potential.

From majestic unicorns to captivating lions, our automation playfully appends these creatures to client tasks and projects, adding a delightful personal touch to our workspace.

👾 The Personal Tasks:

With a dedicated Asana Pro account for private and personal tasks, we’ve empowered task distinction through an alien emoji automation.

Now, personal tasks are easily recognizable, granting us seamless organization and clarity amidst a busy project environment.

🏘 The Subtask Wizard:

Maximizing the utility of our content calendar, we’ve harnessed the power of subtasks by seamlessly integrating them into the main project.

Our automation expertly multi-homes subtasks, making them visible on the calendar and enhancing project planning and execution.

⚙ With an External Tool

🖼 The Embed Hack:

Discover how we overcame Asana’s read-only view limitation to embed projects anywhere on your website.

Our ingenious code enables a read-only view to be effortlessly integrated, providing enhanced accessibility and seamless sharing.

📆 The Meeting Renamer:

Enhance your calendar experience with our automation that appends project names to meeting tasks.

Stay organized and gain clarity with project-specific meeting details displayed on your schedule.

⤴️ The Portfolio Filler:

Streamline your workload management with our time-saving automation.

Automatically add all projects to a master portfolio, ensuring accurate tracking and preventing manual errors.

✖️ The Calculator:

Empower your Asana projects with custom field formulas, a feature not natively available.

Our custom-built calculator brings formula functionality to your tasks, making data computation a breeze.

🧑‍🔧 The Butler:

Simplify complex tasks with our seamless Zapier integration. Automate multiple actions when a Hubspot deal is closed, such as creating projects, adding them to portfolios, and filling essential fields.

More Asana Automations…

💰 The Accountant:

Optimize your cost analysis with our automation that computes task duration and assigns specific roles with custom field rates.

Track exact task costs and consolidate portfolio-level expenses effortlessly.

👯 The Mass Creator:

Save valuable time and effort when creating multiple projects with our efficient tool.

Simply paste a list of project names, and watch as our tool takes care of the rest, generating projects based on your template.

🏀 The Ball Drop Detector:

Uncover invaluable insights into task communication patterns with our specialized tool. Identify tasks without recent comments and track which team or client last interacted, keeping your team on top of essential project communication.

We take pride in these Asana automations, and this is just the beginning!

If any of these hacks intrigue you, reach out to explore how our custom creations can elevate your Asana experience.


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