Open letter to a leader adopting Asana

leader adopting Asana

Congratulations, you’re a leader adopting Asana, you’ve chosen Asana as your company’s work management tool. Whether you’re a CEO, COO, solo founder, manager or team leader … this is a big step. You’re about to embark on a great journey towards greater transparency, clarity and efficiency. I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside more than […]

10 ChatGPT “Prompts” to help you with Asana

chatGPT prompts

I’ve selected for you 10 ChatGPT prompts to help you in your use of Asana. And on page 11, I show you how to integrate ChatGPT directly into your Asana tasks. 1. Structure your projects  “Provides an Asana project structure (the sections and tasks) for organizing a digital product launch event. And then adds relevant […]

I went to Greece with Asana in my pocket 😎

asana in my pocket

Here’s how I made my trip a success thanks to Asana 🏖️ Planning my trip 🗒️ When planning my holiday to Greece, I used a spreadsheet 📃 to keep track of my bookings, payments and lists. But I soon realised that I hadn’t planned everything 😱 Planning my trip with Asana 🧰 Asana allowed me […]

Get ready to travel: Download Project Template

get ready to travel

🛫 Proper preparation is key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable trip. Get ready to travel by dowloading this project template. This travel checklist was designed to help you stay organized and confident throughout your journey. 😫 The last thing you want is to leave anything behind before embarking on your next adventure. With our […]

Asana Automations we have built

asana automations built

As an Asana user, I have a superpower: I know how to code and use the Asana API to (virtually) make Asana do anything 🙂 we use that power for our clients and ourselves daily! That’s how we created these Asana automations. Now, we’re thrilled to share a curated list of these ingenious Asana automations, […]

My 10 proposals for Asana

proposals for asana

Asana is really good, can it be great? Here are my 10 proposals for Asana. Imagine the scene: Dustin Moskovitz (Asana’s CEO) himself calls me up “I love what you do Bastien, you are such a key part of the community and I value your feedback. If you could do anything regarding Asana, what would […]

The Impostor Syndrome? Not even scared

The Impostor Syndrome

🌟 Are we qualified enough to be an Asana Consultant and offer valuable process insights to our clients? Absolutely! 🌟 Our expertise is built on successfully assisting numerous companies worldwide. As passionate advocates of Asana, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of this innovative project management tool. However, we must admit that, at times, self-doubt […]