The Content Factory in Asana

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Efficiently managing content creation is essential for companies looking to maintain an organized workflow. At iDO, we have developed a solution called the Content Factory in Asana.

This system comprises a series of projects designed to help coordinate the content creation process from initial ideas to finalized content.

In this article, we will explore the key components of the Content Factory and how it can enhance your content management in Asana.

The Content Factory Projects

The Content Factory consists of several projects within a team, such as social media, team meetings, and campaigns. However, we will focus on the main Content Factory project that serves as the hub for coordinating the content creation process.

1. Ideas Section

This section acts as a repository for storing content ideas before they enter the creation process. Ideas are represented as tasks within Asana, and you can either create new tasks or multi-home existing tasks from other projects into the Content Factory project.

2. Creation Process Section

Once an idea is ready for development, it can be moved to the Creation Process section. At this stage, the idea task automatically generates three subtasks, one for each content channel. The main task is used for content creation, including writing, translation, and visuals, while the subtasks handle planning and scheduling for each channel.

Content Calendar

To provide an overview of your content plan, the Content Factory utilizes the calendar view in Asana. The Content Calendar allows you to visualize your publication posts across different social media channels or other platforms.

By connecting the calendar to the main task in the Content Factory project, you can track the status of each post easily. The calendar displays two levels of colors, one for channels and the other indicating the post status (e.g., ready, in progress, or to be written).

Channel-Dedicated Projects:

To ensure focused content management, the Content Factory incorporates separate projects for each channel. For example, you may have dedicated projects for Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. These channel-specific projects enable you to customize and streamline your publication processes, addressing any unique requirements or tasks associated with each channel.

Automations and Rules

The Content Factory project includes automation rules to simplify the content creation process. These rules trigger actions such as moving tasks from the Ideas section to the Creation Process section, adding subtasks, and updating custom fields. By leveraging these automations, you can ensure seamless connections between tasks, calendars, and channel projects, streamlining your workflow.


The Content Factory, designed by iDO, offers a straightforward yet powerful approach to content management in Asana. It provides multiple teams involved in content creation with a centralized system to monitor and track tasks and deadlines.

By implementing the Content Factory, you can enhance collaboration, improve organization, and streamline your content creation process in Asana.

If you are interested in implementing this system in your Asana environment, feel free to contact us at iDO. Good luck with your Asana content management journey!

Note: The content described in this article is based on the practices and tools developed by iDO.

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