Custom Field Rollups in Portfolios

roll-up your key metrics

Automatically roll-up your key metrics from project to portfolios

Exciting New Feature: Custom Field Rollups in Portfolios for Asana Business and Enterprise Plans

This innovative addition offers enhanced visibility into critical project metrics, including budget, costs, and time, all at a glance.

Now, teams can effortlessly monitor key performance indicators and track project progress with ease. Say goodbye to cumbersome reporting and embrace the efficiency of Custom Field Rollups in Portfolios with Asana’s top-tier plans!

custom field rollups

With this update, you can see a total of all your important numbers in the portfolio list view without losing track of what you’re doing.

Asana portfolio customers (Business and Enterprise) can now leverage custom field rollups to streamline reporting and get insights to quickly spot roadblocks.

How is this helpful? This enables them to take actions faster.

Now, teams can swiftly identify potential roadblocks and take prompt actions, streamlining their workflow and achieving greater efficiency.

Please note this update is rolling out gradually, so don’t worry if you don’t see it just yet into your account, it will become available to all Business and Enterprise customers soon!

Stay tuned for this fantastic addition to your Asana experience!

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