An Asana Project Where Ideas Go Die

asana project

Who did not create a project in Asana where ideas go die?

Asana, a powerful project management tool primarily designed for professional use, has found a surprising and innovative role in people’s personal lives.

And that’s because Asana is not exclusively for professional use, even though that’s what it was designed for in the first place!

While its business-oriented features are widely known, many users have discovered creative ways to leverage Asana for personal tasks, transforming it into an indispensable tool for daily life organization.

You might be surprised, but I’ve seen people using Asana project for personal stuff such as:

  • Writing a grocery list. 

For instance, users have started utilizing it for simple tasks like drafting grocery lists. With the ability to create checklists and share them with family members.

  • Reminders for personal errands.

By setting due dates and creating recurring tasks, individuals can effortlessly stay on top of their commitments, never forgetting important appointments or chores again.

  • Reminders for Birthdays and other special dates.

Users can create dedicated projects, add event details, and set up timely reminders, ensuring they never miss an opportunity to celebrate with loved ones.

  • Ideas for businesses/projects.

This is the one I call “a project where ideas go die”. It is ok to list tons of ideas. You can review the project sometimes. That being said, some people even decide to not track ideas, believing a good idea would always come back!

Do you have a project like this? Let us hear your story!

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