Cheatsheet for requesting Asana related developments

Cheatsheet for requesting Asana related developments

You would like to entrust our teams with additional development in Asana (automation, scripting). Here are the questions to ask before our meeting.

Note: not all of these questions apply to all types of development. We’ll go into more detail during our discussion.


Do you have strong confidentiality constraints and the need to run the code on your own infrastructure?

If a service provider hosts the code for you, they will be able to access your data.

Code ownership

Do you want to develop the code whenever you want, without going through our teams?

Indeed, if you purchase ownership of the code, you’ll be free to develop it at your own pace, with your own teams or by calling on us again. Otherwise, we remain the owners and you won’t have access to the source code.

Hosting & maintenance

Do you have the capacity to host and maintain the code yourself?

Indeed, most of our code requires nodeJS-compatible hosting, daily log monitoring and the ability to respond to changes in the Asana API.

Real-time or deferred

Do you have an immediate need to update data in Asana or the target tool, or can you wait 1min, 5min, 1h, 24h…? ?

Your need for immediacy will strongly influence the technical solution you choose. Tell us your preference, as well as your non-negotiable requirements.


What is the scope of this development? How many projects and tasks will be involved in the first run (catching up on data), and then at a cruising speed?

For example, if a development only concerns new tasks, tell us how many you create per week. The more you can limit the scope (for example, by restricting it to an Asana team), the simpler development will be.

📧 📧 Contact us ( Tell us about your project or ask us any questions you may have.

👉 Fill in the form. Go straight to the development request form.

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