Custom Field Rollups in Portfolios

roll-up your key metrics

Automatically roll-up your key metrics from project to portfolios Exciting New Feature: Custom Field Rollups in Portfolios for Asana Business and Enterprise Plans This innovative addition offers enhanced visibility into critical project metrics, including budget, costs, and time, all at a glance. Now, teams can effortlessly monitor key performance indicators and track project progress with […]

Three Ways to use Custom Fields in Asana

ways to use custom fields

Asana is a powerful tool for project and task management, and we want to talk about the importance of using custom fields in Asana. Custom fields allow you to add specific information to tasks and projects, which can help you better manage your workload and ensure that you’re work stays clean and organized. Here we […]

Our Cherry Picking Technique to Choose Custom Fields

our cherry picking technique

💡I have “theorized” something I have been doing for a while: designing my Asana in a way that I can choose custom fields I want, our “cherry picking” technique. For example, instead of having several custom fields attached to the same project, I instead have several projects, each with the custom fields I want, and […]