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When you see names like Larry, Phil, Jerod, Andrea, Julien, Rashad, or Bastien, they probably ring a bell. We are a tight group of Forum Leaders (among others), recognized by Asana for our engagement with this community. We live and breathe Asana :heart: and the forum is full of our answers as well as our original posts :memo:.

But who wants to spend hours looking for the best posts on the forum? As an Asana user, you want to be as efficient as possible. So we put together our best posts–more than a hundred–in an easy-to-read eBook.

At Asana, we believe there’s power in collaboration. By working together, teams can accomplish more than any one single individual. That’s why we created Asana Together – our community of Asana
enthusiasts. These are folks who are passionate about helping teams find new ways to streamline their work and be more effective as they make progress towards their goals.

A fantastic example of what can happen when people put their heads together is the book you’re about to read. More than just a set of advice from one individual expert, this book contains the best of the best: tips, tricks, and workflow ideas from across the spectrum of Asana experts who’ve contributed to our Community Forum. Our most involved Forum members have shared their Asana advice in this book, for teams of any size and at all levels of Asana expertise. Whether you’re looking for tips on getting started with Asana, ideas for integrating your favorite tools into your workflow, or reporting on the work your team is accomplishing with Asana, this book (and the community members who’ve participated by sharing their advice) has something for you.

I’d like to extend appreciation from the entire Asana team to everyone who has contributed to the Community Forum, and a special thanks to our Forum Leaders. These are folks who are dedicated to answering questions and leading conversations in the Forum, thereby helping other Asana customers get more out of Asana and be more productive. It’s because of them that this book came together.

I wish you and your team success on your journey to reach your goals. I know this book will help you get there!

We are iDO, an Asana Solutions Partner. And over the course of almost 10 years, we created a ton of content, including 6 ebooks.

“If you have a question on how to do something with asana, check the book. If the answer exists, it’s here.”
Francesco Tiberi

“I am making my team read it. They will hate me for that. “

“This book is broken out into sections which makes it easy to reference. It also includes links back to the original forum post. Very helpful and a must-read for any Asana enthusiast. “
Andy Saavedra

“Do you ever wonder how other people use Asana? OR Do you want to get the cliff notes for using Asana?”
Kristin Mulrooney

Until today, most of those ebooks were paid ebooks. This stops today: we just released all 6 ebooks for free, to get this one you just have to fill in a form.

This eBook is free, and it is a gold mine of knowledge. You can either read it like a book, or refer to it when needed.

To download immediately, just fill in this Asana form; you’ll get the download link upon form submission in the confirmation message.

And don’t forget to come back here to share your feedback–we’d love to hear it!

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