Open letter to a leader adopting Asana

leader adopting Asana

Congratulations, you’re a leader adopting Asana, you’ve chosen Asana as your company’s work management tool. Whether you’re a CEO, COO, solo founder, manager or team leader … this is a big step. You’re about to embark on a great journey towards greater transparency, clarity and efficiency. I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside more than […]

Empower Your CEO: Axing Through Processes Jungle

jungle of processes

What’s worse than meetings? Meetings where your boss gets to sit in and watch. But if you empower your CEO, by giving them an ax and permission to cut through the jungle of processes, then things get interesting! You’ll see that allowing a manager, even the CEO, to attend your meetings is not such a […]

Maximize Your Work Management Technology

thumbnail work management

In the realm of productivity, a powerful tool is emerging – work management technology. From individual efficiency to overseeing an entire company’s progress towards its yearly objectives, work management technology is revolutionizing the way we work. Asana, a leading solution in this category, has positioned itself as the frontrunner. Navigating with Work Management Technology As […]

Asana Automations we have built

asana automations built

As an Asana user, I have a superpower: I know how to code and use the Asana API to (virtually) make Asana do anything 🙂 we use that power for our clients and ourselves daily! That’s how we created these Asana automations. Now, we’re thrilled to share a curated list of these ingenious Asana automations, […]

My 10 proposals for Asana

proposals for asana

Asana is really good, can it be great? Here are my 10 proposals for Asana. Imagine the scene: Dustin Moskovitz (Asana’s CEO) himself calls me up “I love what you do Bastien, you are such a key part of the community and I value your feedback. If you could do anything regarding Asana, what would […]

The Pitfall of Overusing Subtasks in Asana

overusing subtasks thumbnail

In my consultations on Asana, I frequently come across a recurring issue that affects productivity and organization like overusing subtasks in Asana. Many users, particularly in real estate companies like Sunshine Real Estate, manage multiple properties using Asana. They often create a board view with all the properties, each represented by a card containing numerous […]

Unlocking the Power of Multi-Homing in Asana

multi-homing in Asana

Today, we’re going to dive into the fascinating world of multi-homing in Asana. Multi-homing refers to the ability to assign a single task to multiple projects simultaneously. In this article, we’ll explore how this feature works, discuss its benefits, and address some potential challenges. So, let’s get started! The Power of Multi-Homing: Imagine you’re an […]

Optimize Your Asana Workflow by Mastering “My Tasks”

optmize your asana workflow

Mastering the My Tasks feature in Asana is crucial to optimize your Asana workflow. In this article, we will delve into the significance of My Tasks and explore recent updates that have improved its functionality.  Understanding the My Tasks Update Previously, the My Tasks view in Asana had predefined sections like “recently assigned,” “today,” “upcoming,” […]

Three Ways to use Custom Fields in Asana

ways to use custom fields

Asana is a powerful tool for project and task management, and we want to talk about the importance of using custom fields in Asana. Custom fields allow you to add specific information to tasks and projects, which can help you better manage your workload and ensure that you’re work stays clean and organized. Here we […]

Take Time to Concentrate and Focus

Give yourself time to focus

Take time to concentrate, your time is an invaluable asset, and dedicating focused attention to tasks is crucial for productivity. However, the constant barrage of notifications from various tools and devices can steal away this precious time. To regain control and maximize efficiency, mastering notification management is key. Here are three essential tips to help […]