Why Completed Tasks Shouldn’t Define Productivity

Why Completed Tasks Shouldn't Define Productivity

The obsession with measuring success solely based on the number of completed tasks can be misleading and counterproductive. Let’s delve into why this metric may not accurately reflect true success and explore alternative approaches to gauge productivity. The Pitfall of Completed Tasks Metrics While tools like Asana provide a convenient way to track tasks and […]

The paradox of Work Management tools

paradox of work management tools

In the space of productivity and project management, a new kind of tool is on the rise: work management tools. These innovative solutions aim to streamline not only projects but the entire work ecosystem, spanning from individual productivity to team goals and the company’s mission. As a leader in this category, Asana has positioned itself […]

The Ultimate Guide to Asana Forms

The Ultimate Guide to Asana Forms

Recently, my collaboration with a client led me to explore Asana forms extensively. Resulting in a wealth of insights that I’m excited to share. From optimizing question structures to leveraging custom fields and beyond. These key takeaways will elevate your Asana form game and revolutionize your project management approach. 1️⃣ Use form branches Picture this, […]

Get the most out of Asana as a manager

Get the most out of Asana as a manager

In this article, we’ll explore five actionable tips to help managers get the most out of Asana and optimize their management experience. Effective task management is essential for managers to stay on top of their responsibilities and drive team success. However, navigating this sea of tasks and discussions can quickly become overwhelming, leading to decreased […]

How to Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling Overwhelmed

Are you drowning in a sea of tasks and notifications within Asana? You’re not alone. Feeling overwhelmed is a common issue for many users, but fear not, there are solutions to regain control and clarity. In this article, we’ll explore ten practical tips to help you navigate through the chaos and streamline your Asana experience. […]

Formula Custom Field: New in Asana

Formula Custom Field

🔥 THE must-have new feature is finally out: the “formula custom field”! Which means you now have the option of inserting calculation formulas into your custom fields 🥳 Today marks a significant milestone for Asana enthusiasts everywhere with the introduction of the highly anticipated formula custom field. Traditionally, users had to rely on manual calculations […]

Cheatsheet for requesting Asana related developments

Cheatsheet for requesting Asana related developments

You would like to entrust our teams with additional development in Asana (automation, scripting). Here are the questions to ask before our meeting. Note: not all of these questions apply to all types of development. We’ll go into more detail during our discussion. Confidentiality Do you have strong confidentiality constraints and the need to run […]

Open letter to a leader adopting Asana

leader adopting Asana

Congratulations, you’re a leader adopting Asana, you’ve chosen Asana as your company’s work management tool. Whether you’re a CEO, COO, solo founder, manager or team leader … this is a big step. You’re about to embark on a great journey towards greater transparency, clarity and efficiency. I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside more than […]

Empower Your CEO: Axing Through Processes Jungle

jungle of processes

What’s worse than meetings? Meetings where your boss gets to sit in and watch. But if you empower your CEO, by giving them an ax and permission to cut through the jungle of processes, then things get interesting! You’ll see that allowing a manager, even the CEO, to attend your meetings is not such a […]

Maximize Your Work Management Technology

thumbnail work management

In the realm of productivity, a powerful tool is emerging – work management technology. From individual efficiency to overseeing an entire company’s progress towards its yearly objectives, work management technology is revolutionizing the way we work. Asana, a leading solution in this category, has positioned itself as the frontrunner. Navigating with Work Management Technology As […]