Asana Roadmap 2024 Retrospective H1

Asana Roadmap 2024

The first half of 2024 has been an exciting period for Asana users, with several major updates and enhancements detailed in the Asana Roadmap. Major Updates 🔥 🗺️ Capacity plan 🗺️ “Shared with Org” project 🗺️🧠 Smart Digest (Projects) 🗺️ Reference numbers for tasks / custom ID 🗺️ Different views for “Full screen” tasks 🗺️ […]

First Login to Asana: The Guide

First login to Asana

One of the first steps of the Asana rollout is for you to set up your Asana account and do your first login to Asana; both for yourself and your team members. This process can occasionally become confusing and overwhelming due to the number of steps involved in signing up for the first time. Fortunately, […]

How to End a Trial in Asana

End a Trial in Asana

Have you ever wondered how to end a trial without paying in Asana? 🤔 We’ve seen many clients stuck in a trial subscription,  wanting to continue using Asana, but unable to do so. For the purpose of this guide, let’s take a look at how to smoothly transition out of a trial on Asana: Upon […]

Your Customer Support & ticketing in Asana

Customer Tickets support

🌟 iDO latest Asana project template is here to help you step up your Customer Tickets support game! Our team of experts developed an Asana project template that is going to change the way you handle customer tickets. Our innovative template is packed with features designed to improve your support process and efficiency. So, how […]

Boost Your Meetings with Asana

meetings with asana

🤝🏻 “Do you use Asana for your meetings?!” 🍿 Do you want to make your team meetings or 1:1s more efficient? Asana can help! Team meetings (or 1:1s) are a great use case for creating dedicated Asana projects. Share your screen, access the project, and follow the agenda with ease – it’s already filled with […]

Smart Digests

Smart Digests

What’s new about Smart Digests? On the Project Overview tab, you’ll now find a handy digest created by Asana Intelligence called “Smart Digests”. It summarizes all recent project activity in one place, so you can quickly catch up on what you’ve missed. With the new Smart Digest, you’ll be better equipped than ever to stay […]

Asana New Plans

Asana new plans

Asana recently introduced new Plans in November 2023, bringing significant changes to its subscription structure. The Premium and Business Plans have evolved to become the Starter and Advanced Plans, while the Enterprise Plan has been subdivided into Enterprise and Enterprise +. This transformation is accompanied by increased affordability for the first Enterprise Plan, integrating key […]

Step up your Customer Tickets support game!

Customer tickets support

iDO latest Asana project template is here to help you step up your Customer Tickets support game! This dynamic tool is designed to transform your approach to handling customer tickets, ensuring a seamless and efficient process that enhances overall organizational effectiveness. With Forms, we’re streamlining requests, making it easier to gather all the details needed […]

Asana H2 2023, All Major Updates

As we take a moment to look back on the latter half of 2023, it’s time to revisit all major updates and improvements that have already been implemented in Asana. In this retrospective blog post, we’ll do a recap of the most significant updates that have shaped the Asana experience for Basic, Premium, Business, and […]

🤖 Artificial Intelligence in Asana – The Guide

IA Asana le guide par iDO

Introduction: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing many platforms, and Asana is no exception. Discover below the new AI-based features integrated into Asana. 1. Smart Editor: Asana’s Smart Editor helps you write clearer, more powerful responses with the right tone. Use in task description: Open the task details pane and write a description. Select the AI […]