👥 Task numbering

iDO & Astogi present
Auto Numbering in Asana

Auto-numbers your tasks for increased efficiency.


How to use

Follow the steps below to get started using the Auto Numbering bot in Asana.


All you need to know

iDO is a leading Asana Solutions Partner with a clear mission: help everyone in the world get the most out of Asana.

Astogi  is a known party in the Asana developer community: they built an integration between git and Asana.

The beta version is free to use under a fair use policy. You are allowed to use it as much as you want. We will notify you when a payment is required.

Follow the steps in the previous section: start by inviting the bot  as a project member (join the Beta to get the address), start adding new tasks and they will now be automatically numbered.

It is automatically generated based on the project name. While it does some smart things, it basically boils down to taking the first 2 characters of the project name or taking the first 2 or 3 characters of the words if the project consists of multiple words. (e.g. test → TE, my test project → MTP

You will receive it immediately after you registration (click on “install now” button).

You will have to wait for the confirmation, but this should be quick. In my experience this will happen quicker than an average person will create a new task.

After you add a tasks it’s almost immediately. Wait a few seconds and you will see how the task changes its name.

The bot must be invited to a project, while adding it to a team is okay, it does not do anything unless the user is specifically invited to a project.

During the beta, we are not allowing the integration to be used in your day-to-day workflows, especially if they require a lot of requests to be made. Our budget is currently limited. Be mindful of others and only run tests. Once out of beta, we’ll charge per request, so you’ll be free to use it as you wish.

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