Asana Pulse

The Asana reporting revolution

Report on unreportable data and receive automatic actions to improve your account. Honestly, if you use Asana daily, this is the tool you have been missing!

“Pulse will securely access your raw Asana data, consolidate it with best practices, and provide your team with recommendations” Arthur, Asana Expert

Asana improved with reporting inside Asana

Go beyond Project dashboard and Universal Reporting

We believe Asana built-in reporting capabilities are amazing, and we wanted to go one step further and report on more.

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A reporting ecosystem inside Asana

Asana Pulse = 5 products

To go beyond the existing reporting, we created 4 complementary products in one.

Check out our video tour to discover the product or look at some screenshots below.


All you need to know about Asana Pulse

Pulse is a solution to improve the reporting capabilities of Asana, while staying in Asana itself.

We create a dedicated guest account and ask you to invite the account on teams/projects you wish to track, giving you the ability to fully decide what is tracked by Pulse or not.

Pulse runs all day every day, and collects each data point once a day.

Examples of data points include number of guests, goals, project templates, pinned comments, project with an outdated status update… In total, Pulse collects more than 50 data points every day.

Pulse scores member based on their profile completion, last activity and number of overdue tasks. Pulse also scores the entire account on 3 axes: clarity, best practices and feature used.

A prescription is an action assigned to the Pulse admin that will, when completed, improve the account quality, health and clarity. For example, fix a duplicate member, or archive a project that was supposed to be finished

A custom checkup is a combination of search criteria and the definition of what is an acceptable result. Pulse will run all given searches and compare the number of found tasks against the given thresholds, to detect invalid checkups. For example, you can use it to detect incomplete tasks in a Done column, completed tasks without a value in a custom field… Pulse will create a Prescription for your admin if any invalid checkup is detected.

Pulse is fully customizable, as long as the Asana API allows it. Reach out to us for details.

Pulse will automatically create a dedicated team and several projects within your Asana account. Our team then go on and create additional dashboards. The setup will take you about 5 minutes.

Asana Pulse is entirely hosted and operated within your Asana account. A set of projects and reportings/dashboards will allow you to access Pulse data.

Our clients use Asana Pulse to track the adoption of Asana, identify members to train, get notified about situations to fix, and improve their Asana usage overall.

Pricing will be discussed during an intro call with our team. You can decide to only get Pulse to gather data once, or have Pulse gather data points each day.

Reach out to for any question.

Asana Pulse is a co-creation of two Asana Solutions Partners, iDO and Leverage.

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