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Administration, public sector

A work management solution with high expectations for the administration.

NGOs & non profit

A professional tool for non governmental organizations.

Banks, insurance, financial services

Follow your projects progress very closely.


Collaborate on your cases in a central space.

Retail, trade and e-commerce

Help your sales and logistics teams to collaborate effortlessly.

Communication, marketing

Plan marketing campaigns, manage content and more.

Construction, design, landscaping

Manage your construction projects from A to Z.

Culture, sports, leisure

All-in-one solution for your projects.

Education, training

Organize your courses and trainings directly inside Asana.

Environnement, energy

Asana for team work and collaboration on your projects.

Hotels, restaurants, tourism

A new way of managing your locations and events.

Real estate

Your real estate portfolio and client portfolio managed from a central location.


Products shipped faster with Asana.

Web, mobile & apps, consulting

Manage, build and improve apps and websites from Asana.

Logistics, transports

On-time delivery thanks to shared and automated processes.

Health, social

Improve collaboration among teams.

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