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Administration, public sector

A work management solution with high expectations for the administration.

We onboarded onto Asana an internal team at the French Department of Justice. We have also audited spaces and trained teams of city halls in France and Canada. For a World Bank task force, we conducted design workshops for the creation of a custom Asana space.

NGOs & non profit

A professional tool for non governmental organizations.

The CitizenGo association, expert in petitions, asked us to come in their space. Complete review of their best practices, training of the entire team (70+), many design workshops, delivery of a monthly engagement report... We had the chance to be an Asana expert at an international conference on social and technological innovation, Innov4change. At WellGrounded, we conducted design workshops and trained the teams and collaborators in Asana.

Banks, insurance, financial services

Follow your projects progress very closely.

We worked at Télomère to coach the teams and allow them to reorganize their entire Asana workspace. This change allowed the company to improve the management of their resources. Windmill, a company specialized in micro-lending, called on us to organize design and optimization workshops, as well as team training sessions.


Collaborate on your cases in a central space.

We worked with a law firm in the United States specializing in environmental damages to migrate their legal document generation process to Asana.

Retail, trade and e-commerce

Help your sales and logistics teams to collaborate effortlessly.

Beauty Express, an international retail company, commissioned us with several assignments. We performed a complete organization overhaul in Asana to manage from production to marketing across branches in multiple countries. We also trained the teams and offered process alignment workshops. Working with GoPuff, a consumer goods delivery service, we created an information gathering form to standardize visual design requests internally. For the Savonnerie des Diligences, we helped to train the teams in the daily and fluid use of Asana. For Vertbaudet, we improved our existing tool (real recurring tasks) to streamline their operation.

Communication, marketing

Plan marketing campaigns, manage content and more.

For Sugatan, a company specialized in E-Commerce, as well as Wise Owl Marketing, a small company specialized in marketing strategy, we have set up many workshops to design and optimize their Asana space. At Agence Impulsion, a website creation company, we trained and accompanied their teams to get started with Asana.

Construction, design, landscaping

Manage your construction projects from A to Z.

At Santayana Home, a Spanish developer, we conducted a full audit of their Asana space. Following this one, we set up design and training workshops. For ColRich, we made a custom dashboard, adapted to their needs to track activity in the most productive way possible. We worked in an interior design agency, Dunagan Diverio, to optimize the organization of their Asana and to carry out a Top Management training.

Culture, sports, leisure

All-in-one solution for your projects.

For the New Yorker music label Empire, we implemented Asana space optimization workshops. At 1981, we built their entire Asana space, then deployed it and trained the teams in its daily use. For Capital, we stepped in to create custom tools for tracking and creating content 24/7.

Education, training

Organize your courses and trainings directly inside Asana.

At Coaching For Litteracy, an American NGO, we optimized their processes for tracking communication and fundraising campaigns. For Campus, we created a custom tool to automatically track the progress of discussions in various Asana tasks in the space. And we helped several US student coaches and advisors to optimize their Asana spaces.

Environnement, energy

Asana for team work and collaboration on your projects.

We worked at the giant GRDF, to build an Asana space for the company. Once this space was created, we were in a position to train the teams to make the deployment of Asana easier for all employees.

Hotels, restaurants, tourism

A new way of managing your locations and events.

At Miscusi, an Italian restaurant chain, we had the opportunity to optimize the Asana space to the maximum. Following this optimization, the Top Management teams were trained in Asana. We worked at the company "Les Maisons d'Arles", which is a chain of hotels and museums in Belgium. We have set up different workshops of conception and training in Asana. La Brigade de Véro, which is a meal delivery company, called on us for different missions. First, we accompanied the employees to a more advanced definition of the use of their Asana work environment. Then, the teams benefited from different trainings, with the objective of fluidifying the exchanges and the collaboration between them.

Real estate

Your real estate portfolio and client portfolio managed from a central location.

For an English rental company, Western Lettings, we optimized the management of properties, owners and tenants via Asana. And at Kitt, a space manager, we trained the teams (group & individual sessions) as well as set up design workshops


Products shipped faster with Asana.

We used our Admin Compass checklist to audit the entire Asana organization at Premier Crane. At Kycs, we set up a workshop to optimize their Asana space.

Web, mobile & apps, consulting

Manage, build and improve apps and websites from Asana.

We helped DualCat, a company specialized in the creation of mobile games, in their decision regarding the choice of a project management tool. At Premium Plus, we created many scripts and custom dashboards. We did different audit sessions at Aqovia, a company specialized in artificial intelligence. We also trained the teams to use Asana. The software editor Cegid trusted us to train part of their employees.

Logistics, transports

On-time delivery thanks to shared and automated processes.

The transport company Pony asked us to help them choose a project management tool.

Health, social

Improve collaboration among teams.

Within the Valenciennes University Hospital, we helped to train the teams to learn how to use Asana in the most optimal way possible.

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