Three Ways to use Custom Fields in Asana

Asana is a powerful tool for project and task management, and we want to talk about the importance of using custom fields within Asana. Custom fields allow you to add specific information to tasks and projects, which can help you better manage your workload and ensure that you’re work stays clean and organized. Here we […]

Give yourself time to focus

Your time is the most valuable asset that you have. Make sure to protect that time with all you’ve got. Do not let notifications that you get from different tools and devices out there to steal that time from you. So, make sure to take back the power and really work on managing your notifications […]

All our Asana Ebooks: For Free

We are iDO, an Asana Solutions Partner. And over the course of almost 10 years, we created a ton of content, including 4 ebooks. Until today, most of those ebooks were paid ebooks. This stops today: we just released all 4 ebooks for free, you just have to fill in a form. Here there are: […]

Asana Mind: 100+ Tips and Tricks from Asana experts

The best content from the official Asana online. Get it here. When you see names like Larry, Phil, Jerod, Andrea, Julien, Rashad, or Bastien, they probably ring a bell. We are a tight group of Forum Leaders (among others), recognized by Asana for our engagement with this community. We live and breathe Asana  and the forum […]

Become An Asana Superhero 

An ebook to get the best out of Asana as an individual user. Get it here. Why is Batman a Superhero? We all want to be superheroes. I wanted to be a superhero myself. You know, Batman has no “divine” powers like Superman. Neither does he have a special ability like spiderman. No, he is […]

Asana Adoption: Don‘t Rely On Luck 

An ebook to make sure the adoption of Asana is a great success! Get it here. Why do you need Asana? Everything needs a reason. Perhaps you are a Project Manager and wish to improve the organization of your projects. Maybe you are a Director, and you want to set up a collaborative solution within […]

Asana: Full adoption won’t happen overnight, regular care is required

Helping your employees to change their work habits will require effort, time, and support. It is often estimated that a minimum period of 1 year is necessary for a collaborative space to find its cruising speed. There will be ups and downs as with any project. Stay connected to your vision, take a deep breath, […]

Do you have an Asana project where ideas go die?

Asana is not exclusively for professional use, even though that’s what it was designed for in the first place! So, what other use can we give to this amazing tool? I’m talking about our personal life. You might be surprised, but I’ve seen people using Asana for personal stuff such as:– Writing a grocery list– Reminders […]

Discover our Cherry Picking technique to choose custom fields

💡I have “theorized” something I have been doing for a while: designing my Asana in a way that I can “cherry pick” custom fields I want. For example, instead of having several custom fields attached to the same project, I instead have several projects, each with the custom fields I want, and I cherry-pick the […]