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Illustrate your Asana stories with unique covers.

Unique and beautiful

We created a technology allowing us to extract a visual representation of your tasks. Each cover is completely unique to your task. Use it to illustrate your stories.

Asana DNA example Asana DNA example Asana DNA example

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All you need to know about the Asana Cover project

How do you ensure each image is unique?

First, a watermark with the task identificator is added in the bottom right corner. Second, each digit of the task gid is used to determine a specific version of a layer (like the stars, the sky color...), and then layers are combined, making the image unique.

What is a task identificator?

In a software like Asana, objects like tasks, projects or tags are uniquely identified using what is called a gid, for generic identificator. Each gid is made of 16 digits and is unique across the entire system and the lifetime of the software. There was never and will never be two objects with the same gid.

Is there any symbolic embedded in the image?

Asana invented the pyramid of clarity to explain how each task contributes to the mission of a company. We also used the two suns and the moon to represent the three dots of the Asana logo.

What's the purpose of this project?

This is an art project, we wanted to see if we could create a visually pleasant representation of a task. We liked the idea that each image is unique, and that some images will never be obtainable (because a gid could have been attributed to another entity in Asana like a project or a tag), will not be obtainable anymore (because those gids are contiguous) or others will only be obtainable in the far future.

Who was involved in the project?

The iDO team was helped by Camille for the first designs and logo, and used inputs from Rebecca on the initial sketches.

Can I contribute?

The Asana Cover project is looking for new artists, contact us at asana@ido-clarity.com to discuss.

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